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How to Flunk Out of Nursing School in Five

Easy Lessons

Nursing school lasts anywhere from a year to four years, depending on what type of degree that you're pursuing, and it is extremely intense. Students have to memorize massive amounts of material, take tests frequently, and learn areas that are likely unfamiliar to them, like medication, mathematics and science.

Here are five sure-fire ways to court failure in nursing school:

1.) Don't plan your personal finances in advance. There's always going to be some kind of financial emergency; life's just like that. Someone breaks into your car and steals your textbooks, or the air conditioning fails in the middle of August, or the heating bill will be double what you expected in February...something is bound to come up, and if you suddenly need to start working full-time to pay for, say, an unexpected hospital are likely to flunk your classes because you won't have enough time to study. So don't set aside any extra cash or the ability to borrow emergency money...and you may risk your nursing career.

2.) Don't worry about childcare. The fact is, kids get sick and have to stay home from school, kids need help with their homework, kids have crisises that need to be dealt with. Don't make any backup plans, don't line up friends and relatives who will babysit your kids if they need to stay home sick or give them a ride when necessary...and you may end up missing so much nursing school that you either get booted out or you fail.

3.) Don't investigate the career of nursing too much before you apply to nursing school. Hey, it pays well, and there's a high demand for nurses, so you're bound to love it, right? If, as soon as you start clinicals, you realize that you become queasy at the sight of blood, vomit, urine, feces, and other bodily fluids, or you are too terrified of making a mistake to function effectively, or you are too attached to your patients and your heart will completely break if they die...that's a really bad time to realize that you should never have started nursing school. See more info of coursework online service in prescottpapers visit this website.

4.) Don't worry about all those silly people who say you can't hold down a full time job and go to nursing school full time. You're different, right? This works even better if you have kids. We're not saying it absolutely can't be done...but we're saying it can't be done well, and it will probably make you fail.

5.) Use the same study methods you did in high school. Cram at the last minute, play first and study later, chug Red Bull and chomp chocolate-coated coffee beans so you can pull all-nighters before your what if you've got 200 pages of material to memorize? How hard could it be?

Or, to ensure your success, you can do the complete opposite of everything we just said! That is the course we recommend